What are the advantages for me?

You’ll enjoy economic benefits without assuming any risks. You’ll begin earning commissions from the very beginning.
White Label Travel clients will have access to all of our resources and our network of professional agents.
We will implement the latest technological advances in your website so you’ll have access to the fastest, most stable technology on the market.

Who can register?

White Label Travel is open to individuals, travel agencies, organisations, management boards and companies. In short, it’s open to anyone who is interested in distributing tourism products online. With our tool, you’ll benefit from the best online presence for your business, group, destination or municipality.

What do I need in orden to join?

All you need is your own internet domain. If you don’t have one, we can provide hosting and domain creation services through our partner Then, all you need to do is register to become part of the largest online distributor of tourism products.


How can I personalise the tool?

At White Label Travel, we propose various designs for your business, so it’s up to you to decide which one is most appropriate for your online travel agency. For maximum customisation, upload your logo and choose the colours for your website design.

Are all white label sites the same?

Absolutely not, because the final design is up to you. You will have access to all the White Label Travel widgets so you can adapt the content of your home page to your destination, zone or population. You can even specialise in a specific product.

How do I integrate your tool in my website?

You start by taking a look at our designs and selecting the one you like the most. The integration process will then be quick and simple.


What will be my expenses and my benefits?

There’s no cost to be a White Label Travel partner. As for the benefits, they will depend solely on the amount of traffic your online travel agency generates and the number of reservations that are made.

What kinds of commissions are there?

It depends on the product. For Hotels and Trips, you’ll decide the percentage of the commission you’ll earn on the sales price of each reservation. For flights, you can decide the fee per passenger and fee per reservation that you would like, and for Flight + Hotel packages, you’ll receive the fee and the commission for each one of the products.

When will I receive my commissions?

At the end of each month, we’ll review the invoices and make the corresponding payment via wire transfer to your bank account between the 1st and 5th of the following month, as long as the services have been finalised and you have reached the minimum transaction amount of €200 (EUR) in commissions. If you haven’t reached the minimum amount, your commissions will be rolled over into the next billing cycle.

What is the minimum amount of commissions required to make a bank transfer?

The minimum amount is €200 (EUR); however, you are allowed to set a higher amount if you wish.


Can I offer my white label website in other languages?

Yes. You can decide the languages in which you want to offer our products, and your visitors can select their preferred language on your home page. Just make your selection and leave the rest to us!

Will clients in other countries be able to use my website?

Absolutely! We also offer you the possibility of configuring your website in various currencies and allowing your visitors to pay in their local currency.


If a client has questions or concerns regarding a reservation, how do I address them?

Don’t worry! We’ll take care of it for you! Your clients can make inquiries regarding their reservations directly through your website, and we’ll provide the corresponding post-sales service.


What types of products can I offer?

We provide your clients with access to more than 500,000 lodging establishments throughout the world, as well as the most competitive rates on Flights. You can also offer Flight + Hotel packages, Insurance, Car Rentals and Transfers.

If I have my own products, can I offer them on my website, as well?

Of course! You can use one of our widgets to promote your own products on your website. However, if you would really like your product to be distributed worldwide, contact our Product Department and become one of our providers. We’ll distribute your product, increasing your sales and benefitting your business.