Online travel agencies have a range of possibilities in the digital world to reach their target audience. It is also an effective tool to generate sales and communicate with users. But they also have to face new challenges to keep up with the changes introduced in the online world. Therefore, one of the challenges facing online travel agencies is that of following good practices in emotional marketing.

 What is emotional marketing?

Before we get started, you need to know what emotional marketing is to understand why this is a topic that is very relevant to our online travel agency. So, here is a brief introduction:

It has been demonstrated that the decision by the customer when buying a certain product comprises two parts: one rational and the other emotional. Emotional marketing campaigns attack the second part. This influences the buying process through feelings, to generate actions in users that favour the brand.

In other words, human beings act through emotions and sensations and emotional marketing creates the necessary experiences to sell products by appealing to them. At the same time, emotional marketing seeks to make consumers fall in love with brands and thus build customer loyalty.

What benefits does a good emotional marketing campaign offer to online travel agencies?

  1.  Forges long-term relationships with customers.
  2.  Helps to differentiate us from the competition.
  3.  Generates interaction with our target audience.
  4.  Helps create an emotional relationship between the consumer and the brand
  5.  Humanises a company in the eyes of our customers

 Steps to follow in our emotional marketing campaign

Is emotional marketing necessary in the strategy of our online travel agency? The answer is yes. Taking into account the emotions of the users in our marketing campaign is key to reaching them and retaining them. Therefore, it is important to study which emotions to play on according to the aims to be achieved in our online travel agency.

Ask ourselves what emotions we want to awaken in our users, what expectations and needs can be answered by our products. If our goal is to sell trips to the Caribbean, we need to awaken in our client’s desires to escape from routine or to travel to exotic destinations. And of course, present our best deals on trips to the Caribbean.

Once these emotions have been identified, it’s time for the second step of our emotional marketing campaign: the creation of a good communication strategy. To touch the hearts of consumers, we must know how to express and promote the emotions and values we seek.

Then we must consider where to implement our strategy: in what social networks, in what media and in what way. And finally, it’s time to get on with it! We are embarking on the creation of content to carry out our campaign.