Taxation and legal aspects

Fiscalidad y aspectos legales a tener en cuenta en tu agencia de viajes online. Leyes de comercio electrónico, protección de datos y actualizaciones legales.

Taxation and legal aspects

SSL certificate for travel agencies

By - 17th December 2019

Our online travel agency has to offer its users every guarantee and therefore it is essential to install the SSL certificate. The importance of this certificate has been heard about for some time here. However, it is in recent months that it has been the most widely talked about and it has been shown that Google gives priority to the…

Taxation and legal aspects

The new data protection law for online travel agencies

By - 21st November 2019

 What are the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)?    This European directive aims to protect people’s privacy. How do they do this? By regulating the use of data and personal files. In this way, all member states of the European Union will have the same rights and obligations. In Spain’s case, the regulatory organisation is the Spanish Data Protection Agency…