Our online travel agency has to offer its users every guarantee and therefore it is essential to install the SSL certificate. The importance of this certificate has been heard about for some time here. However, it is in recent months that it has been the most widely talked about and it has been shown that Google gives priority to the domains that have implemented it. If you want to know what is and why the SSL certificate is important for your travel agency, read on. Below, we detail the details of these certificates so highly valued by Google.

What is the SSL certificate?

The acronym SSL comes from the English words “Secure Socket Layer”. These acronyms refer to a protocol that transmits data between the encrypted or encrypted server and client. The objective of this protocol is to provide security and protect against possible theft. The certificate is shown in the URL of the websites. Those that do not have this security protocol start with “HTTP”, while those that do have “https”.

Having the SSL certificate installed in our online travel agency means complying with the legal data protection regulation. This regulation aims to ensure that transactions made on different websites are safe from hackers. It will take effect at the end of May 2018 so if you don’t have your certificate yet, it’s time to get it.

Why you should install the SSL certificate in your online travel agency

Having an SSL certificate has become essential and we will tell you why. These are some of the advantages you will get when installing it on your agency’s website:

  • It will improve SEO: In the latest statement from Google, it was stated that their algorithm would have a preference for domains with this security certificate. This means that Google rewards the protection they provide to users who browse and buy from it. In other words, this announcement stated that they would improve the ranking of these websites.
  • Security: Customers of your online travel agency can surf the web without problems and make bank transfers without fear of theft.
  • Data protection: Travel agencies receive personal data from their customers to complete the purchase process. With this certificate, what is achieved is to guarantee the protection of your data. The data will be encrypted and cease to be susceptible to theft or misuse.

Other reasons to install the SSL certificate

While we have outlined above the most important reasons for having this certificate installed, there are more:

  • Confidence in the eyes of the consumer: just as online business managers know about these certificates, users are also starting to recognise them. The Google Chrome browser has started to mark websites that do not use the certificate as “unsafe.” That your website is marked “safe” will make the customer more confident when it comes to operating purchases.
  • Protection against cyber-attacks: The SSL certificate acts as a protective layer on the web. In this way, your online agency will be protected from spam attacks or denial of service that try to block our website or steal data.

With this article, we hope to have convinced you of the importance of implementing the certificate on your website. If you have not already done so, what are you waiting for to install the SSL certificate in your online travel agency? Give your customers the security they deserve and improve your search engine rankings.