Are you a travel buff? There are many travel lovers who invest their money in this activity and travel the world as soon as they can. They travel to typical places, but also to hidden and different corners. If you are one of these people and some time ago you decided to make a travel blog, we congratulate you because we know that it is not an easy task.

Tips for switching to a travel agency

Now the time has passed and you have decided to transform your blog into an online travel agency, but how to do it? We know it’s not easy, so we’ll talk to you about it below, to inspire you and encourage you to take the step.

1. You must be constant

We recommend that you make the jump to an online travel agency once you know that you really like the subject. If you’ve only been writing on your blog for a short time, we suggest you keep trying a little longer. This is because in a travel agency you must be constant to create a business that is profitable and gives you benefits. In a blog, if days go by and you don’t write, nothing happens, but in an agency you must work on many other aspects: sales, promotions, offers, advertising, etc.

2. Squeeze the most out of your travels

Take advantage of your experiences and previous trips not only to give advice to clients and guide them, but also to plan tours, circuits or organized trips. The most important thing is that you differ from the competition because there are many agencies and practically all of them offer the same possibilities. Your experience will give you what you need to know which places are better, which areas there are to stay in and even which circuits are possible within a country or a continent. Take advantage of this in your favour and offer different combinations that will attract the attention of your clients.

3. Count on your experience and material

Many travel agencies hire a journalist to do travel articles, but you will already have this section up front. You will write the articles yourself and talk about your experience and personal travel. In addition, we recommend that you take good photos during your trips, so that you have quality and important material to place on your website and promote the trips you offer. Remember that images are essential to attract attention and to create in readers the need to visit those places.

4. Attract your customers

Now that you want to set up an online travel agency, it’s not just a matter of attracting readers and getting people to read or even share your writings, but of finding clients who want to hire your services.

It’s very important that you work on advertising and reach people. Besides, your first clients are the most important ones. If everything goes well, they will recommend you to their friends, family and acquaintances, so more people will get to know you and you will have more chances of getting new sales. On the other hand, personalized attention works very well and shows each potential client all your effort and love so that they see that you are involved.

In short, these are just some tips we can give you to make the jump and turn your travel blog into a professional agency with which you can earn money. Also, there are many other aspects to consider, such as digital marketing, web design, advertising or the many strategies that exist to attract customers and maintain a business on the Internet.