The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. Blockchain is one of the concepts that have been recently introduced into this industry, and there’s no doubt that it’s an idea worth taking into account in our strategy. In this post, we explain what this new technology means and we give you reasons to implement blockchain in your travel agency. Keep reading to find out all the key concepts of this newcomer to the digital universe.


What’s blockchain?


The term blockchain means “a chain of blocks“, consisting of an accounting database made of chains of blocks designed to avoid modifications. In other words, to modify the database, all blocks must be changed, which makes blockchain a highly safe technology thanks to its sophistication.


This technology allows the exchange of digital data in a secure manner and without the need for an intermediary to carry out transfers. Also, all transactions made using blockchain will be transparent, which means that the information entered cannot be deleted.


Reasons to use blockchain in your online travel agency


We’ve already seen what this technology consists of, but we still haven’t discussed the wide range of possibilities involved in using blockchain in your online travel agency.


Smart contracts


Blockchain enables smart contracts in that as long as both parties comply with the terms established, the contract is automatically executed. What’s more, the contract is public and cannot be destroyed, which is an additional guarantee for our customers.


Online shopping security


There’s an ongoing effort to provide more security to online transactions, as we already discussed when talking about SSL certificates for online travel agencies or the new data protection regulations.


But this technology goes a step further by offering security when shopping online. As a result, the consumer can buy with total confidence.


No need for intermediaries


Until now, getting user data and ensuring our message reached our audience involved using different types of Google Adwords campaigns. But this changes with the arrival of blockchain. Therefore, in most cases, there would be no need for intermediaries.




With blockchain, users are the sole owners of their data. As a travel agency, will have to ask for their permission if you want to send them a message, and users could even request money in exchange for their data. In this way, our brand would enjoy a more loyal customer base. Besides, by providing total security in online purchases, we would also be delivering value and loyalty.


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