Social networks are a real revolution! And of them all, the one that is growing most quickly both in popularity and in the number of users is Instagram. So if you want to give your business a real boost and you have not yet opened an account on this platform, maybe you should read our Instagram manual for online travel agencies. You will soon have numerous followers.

Benefits of creating an Instagram account for your online travel agency

In small or medium-sized businesses, an Instagram account can be a golden opportunity to bring quality traffic to your online travel agency. If we add a well thought out marketing strategy to this factor, your success is guaranteed. And all without having to invest too much.


How to win followers on your Instagram account for online travel agencies

Once you have a clear strategy to follow in your Instagram account, the tone, the type of content and the frequency of publication, you need to think about getting as many followers as possible. Or what is more important, quality followers.

If you want to know how to achieve this, take note of these strategies that will help you take your Instagram account for online travel agencies to the top.


Aim to go viral

As you know, in Instagram’s “Explore” tab you will find only videos and photos that have gone viral with thousands of visits and “likes”. All this is unique and original content and this is the type of content that you should aim to publish. Because the more your posts are viewed, the more followers, likes and comments you will get.

Create consistent content

Like all social networks, Instagram needs a lot of time and dedication. Try to publish content daily, respond to all the comments you find in your photos, send direct messages to those users who write privately, like other publications that go in the line of your Instagram account for travel agencies online. And of course, give life to Instagram stories!

A good management of your social profile can take you 3 to 4 hours a day. But if you can afford it, you can always outsource this option through a professional

Make a contest

Yes, it is a strategy as old as life itself. And one of the most effective when it comes to getting followers for your Instagram account for online travel agencies.

So think of a prize that is striking but does not compromise your budget. It can be a hotel stay during the weekend or a short distance flight, for example. Upload a photo to your account announcing the contest And it makes clear the conditions of the contest, which could be:

– Follow your Instagram account for online travel agencies

– Like the image

-Comment the image by mentioning 3 friends

And of course, it indicates the date of the draw. In addition to the day and manner in which the winner of the same will be communicated. If this does not make your followers multiply anything they will.

What are you waiting for to launch your Instagram account for online travel agencies?