The social media and communication strategy is a fundamental part of any marketing plan. To achieve the objectives set out in the social network strategy for an online travel agency, some key tools can be of great help, both for the planning of publications as well as measuring and analysing the results. Depending on the project you are doing or the stage at which your plan is at, some tools will be more useful than others. Further down, we will show you the most popular tools for social media, so take a look at them all and choose the ones which best suit you.

Tools for managing your travel agency’s social media


One of the most recognised by a long way. With Hootsuite, you can schedule publications on different social media platforms and see mentions, shares and comments. As well as being able to monitor and analyse engagement, this tool also helps you to follow topics and defined hashtags, and as such is very good for using especially if Twitter is one of your most important social networks.


Just like Hootsuite, Buffer is particularly useful for managing and scheduling publications on your different profiles. This is a very straightforward and easy to use social network tool which allows you to work from any device.

Managing the publications on your varying social networks will allow you to be organised and dedicate the rest of your time to other basic questions relating to your marketing plan.

Analytical tools for your online travel agency’s social networks

Measuring and analysing results for better results is key for all communications strategies, and as such the following tools can help:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is essential for any marketing plan; not just for measuring organic and paid results, but also because it can give relevant information relating to social networks. With Google Analytics you can find out how much traffic comes to your pages from social media and which social networks, in particular, are the most relevant for your online business, or which activities and campaigns work best for your online business. As a bonus, this tool is completely free.


NUVI enables its user to see information in real-time on its social media networks and as such guarantees that the information is up to date so you can make relevant decisions. With this tool, you can find out about the reach of your publications, get to know your audience and monitor your social networks. You can also download this information in reports in Excel or Tableau.


Using images on social media is an absolute must-do – data shows that images have more impact than words on the majority of social media sites. Bearing this in mind and to avoid relying on image banks as a tool for your online travel agency’s social networks, a big help is Canva. With Canva you can create your designs quickly and easily. 

Other useful tools for your online travel agency’s social networks

Unfollowers and Instafollow Unfollow

Both apps do the same job, but the first one, Unfollowers, is designed for Android devices whereas the second is designed for iPhones. These tools allow you to see which of your followers have unfollowed you.

Sysomos Heartbeat

Staying up to date and knowing which subjects your audience is interested in is key to be able to connect with them via social media. To be able to do so, this tool will help you to find out what your audience is talking about and even monitor some of the subjects thanks to its extensive database.