We can obtain all kinds of information through social networks. Some people have taken advantage of the boom in social media by talking about their favourite topics or showing pictures of what they like the most – and they’ve become famous because of it! We are, of course, talking about influencers, who can be of great help when it comes to providing publicity for certain companies. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss influencers marketing and the advantages it can bring to your business.

What is influencer marketing?

It is a marketing strategy based on a series of collaborative links. It is through these contacts that companies decide to take advantage of the marketing potentials by reaching out to these famous people on social networks to gain more visibility.

The reality is that in the society we live, these influencers are very important and in some cases and for some people, they are influential people when it comes to making recommendations. For example, products have more chances of getting sold through influencer recommendations. But if they speak negatively about those products, it will have the opposite effect in the short term.

These references for a large part of the virtual community can serve as a “tool” to all those companies or brands that want to stand out and differentiate themselves. There are many influencers to choose from, but the key is to know who to choose and when. Above all, it is a perfect strategy for those new companies that aren’t very well-known and want to gain a foothold in the market.

Advantages of this type of marketing

  • Once you’ve appointed the influencer, discussions start flowing about your products. You will then receive more comments and feedback as a result.
  • It is possible to increase the traffic to the main website of your company, where all the products or services can be found, thus increasing visibility.
  • You will enter the screens and the lives of a generation of potential consumers: the millennials. Also, you will reach a target audience that is already interested in celebrities and believes in them.
  • Quality communication and connection with the public is created, as well as generating traffic.

Travel influencers

For online travel agencies, this type of marketing is a perfect strategy, since many influencers are willing to stay in hotels, try out restaurants and make trips to remote places. It is a good strategy in a world in which it is sometimes difficult to make yourself known since it is an online environment with huge competition. 

Standing out as a good hotel, restaurant or a travel agency helps increase sales and there is even the possibility of becoming a benchmark in the sector. To do this, you must find the social network celebrities that best suit the type of campaign you are looking for and the services you offer. Remember to make it worth their while so they are attracted to your services rather than to other companies.

Finally, we recommend that you create a special discount code for the influencer to share in their blog. This will give people an incentive to use your services and you can also test the success of the collaboration.

In short, influencer marketing is a strategy that is booming and every company should take advantage of it. This is your opportunity to stand out in the market and differentiate yourself from the rest of the competitors. If you know how to play your cards right and establish good connections, your good reputation and the increase in your sales will be guaranteed.