Never before has it been easier to get started in the travel industry. Why? Costs have come down, demand has grown and there is easy access to resources that were previously only available to the most highly regarded companies. In this scenario, of course, travel agencies are changing. The only way to grow is through differentiation and photo-editing applications provide many opportunities to achieve this.

Indispensable photo-editing applications

To make yourself more visible on the internet, it’s important to provide good content. You can also apply new SEO trends to optimize your presence on social networks. However, all this has a common denominator: the need to have engaging images of hotels and heavenly destinations that make users want to go there.

One of the trends that generate more engagement at the moment is the quality of the photographs you post, their subject matter and originality. You need images or videos that inspire and attract. Thankfully, the following apps make it easy. We tell you which ones to incorporate into your arsenal and everything they can do for you.

1. Snapseed (iOS/Android)

This is a free app with which you can edit your photos like a professional in a fairly simple way. In addition to basic adjustment tools, this app allows you to play with brightness and contrast to achieve amazing results.

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (iOS/Android)

If you’re familiar with the desktop version of Lightroom, you should know that this application is intended for editing image files, whether from digital cameras or your mobile phone. It has a wealth of settings, filters and options for achieving inspiring effects for your online travel agency’s images.

3. Made (iOS/Android)

If you are looking for modern, effective and bold results, this is the tool you should turn to. You will get original and beautiful snapshots, like those of the Instagrammers and influencers that move the digital world today. You have access to filters, frames and the ability to edit text onto your photographs. This is a great app to get the most original effects.

4. VSCO Cam (iOS/Android)

VSCO Cam is an application that you can use both to edit your photos and to take them. It has many filters, the option of downloading new ones and above all, a preview of the image result. This way, you can check to see if you like the finished product before approving it. It’s an application that also gives you the ability to share images with users from all over the world via your favourite social network.

5. Afterlight (iOS/Android)

The success of this app for editing your agency’s photos is all in the numbers: different filters, textures and different frames. With this app, you’ll manage to make any photo a prize-worthy image. Everyone will want to go to the destination you immortalize.

Applications to edit videos

It’s not only photo-editing that’s essential to making a statement online. Videos are also a great way to increase engagement. To make them with professional quality, there are many applications to edit videos that provide very good results. Posting videos of destinations and even sharing your clients’ experiences is a great idea and editing those videos before uploading them will help get them much more visibility.

In conclusion, editing images is essential to stand out in today’s world of online travel agencies. That’s why photo and video-editing applications that help create high-quality content make it so easy to remain visible and engage with potential customers and clientele.