If there is anything that is a point of difference between online travel agencies and a loyal client base and those that invest their resources in retaining it, it is the speed and quality of their customer service. If it is already complicated getting a customer to make a purchase, it is even more complicated getting them to do so again. So, if you want to know how to manage your online travel agency’s customer service, read on!

Essentials for managing your online travel agency’s customer service

Bear in mind that when it comes to customer service, meeting your customer’s needs quickly and efficiently will always create a positive opinion amongst your target market. Who doesn’t like to have a problem solved as quickly as possible?

If service quality is a critical factor, the speed of managing responses is of increasing importance. If a few years ago emails and phone calls were the most widespread methods of managing the customer service for an online travel agency, today social media is taking on a starring role.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are consumer’s most used contact methods for getting in touch with a company because of the immediateness of communication. Bear in mind these facts:

  • 64% of Twitter users expect an answer to their query within an hour
  • 85% of Facebook users expect an answer to their query within a maximum of six hours
  •  77% of customers will not wait more than six hours for an email response

You should also be aware of Whatsapp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. These messaging apps combine perfect functionalities for managing the customer service for your online travel agency.

For example, Facebook allows you to reply to customer queries privately, using the Messaging option. By using this option, you will also create a message thread which enables future referencing.

Tips for managing your online travel agency’s customer service

  1. Promote self-service. Give your customers the option of checking Frequently Asked Questions. Forums and video tutorials are excellent ways of providing initial support and also reduce the volume of calls and emails.
  2. Create an alert system on your social media networks. This system should be based on critical keywords. These will help you identify the messages which need a response as quickly as possible.
  3. Implement software with a chatbot included. Chatbots are the future and we can assure you that no other channel can help you to manage your online travel agency’s customer service with as much speed and efficiency. You can reply immediately to all of the queries you receive and you can save time by sending instant notifications that you have previously approved.

Are you ready to manage your customers’ happiness?