A while ago we explained the importance of creating an Instagram account for your online travel agency. The importance of this social network has continued to increase, managing to even knock Facebook and Twitter off the top spot. Today we want to go one step further so you are successful with your account. The way to measure success on this social network have been likes and the number of followers but now comments are becoming more important.

If there are comments it means you have achieved engagement, that your audience is interacting with your brand and as a result, it is one of the things that Instagram is giving more weight to. In this post, we will tell you how to gain comments on your travel agency’s Instagram account so that you stand out on this social network and you aren’t overlooked by the famous algorithm.

Why is it important to get comments on Instagram?

The more comments you have, the better your engagement on Instagram. You can see your current engagement with these free tools. The higher your engagement is, the more chances you will have to:

  • Appear in a good position on your followers’ feeds
  • Ensure that your profile is recommended to users who don’t follow you

This is the key to success on this social network and as with everything, one thing leads to another. If you have good engagement levels, you will gain more followers, more brand recognition and more opportunities to sell your products. So, let’s get to work!

Tips to get comments on your travel website’s Instagram account


Competitions attract a lot of new users and create loyalty with those that you already had, and they are a good way to gain lots of comments. As such, we recommend that when running a competition, you ask that users comment and tag other friends, which will increase the number of comments and the reach of your publication.

If you want to learn more about this subject, read our post about the different types of competitions on Instagram and our post about creating competitions on social networks.

Post regularly

Try to be as active as possible on Instagram. The more up to date your account, the easier it will be to reach more users and therefore get more comments.

Add a call to action to your posts

It isn’t enough to post frequently, you also need users to interact, and to do this, a call to action is necessary. Include questions related to your post to invite users to reply or ask for their comments on their experiences about your publication.

Share your posts in Stories

So no one misses your post share it on your Stories.

Include hashtags

If you include hashtags you have more chances of appearing in the searches of users who don’t follow you and thus increasing your comments.

Reply to comments

Another way of increasing comments is by replying to them. Try to always reply to your comments by your followers, and if possible, start a conversation. 

Create quality content

Last, but not least, the most important thing; content. If your content is relevant to your users and generates interest, it will be easier to get comments on Instagram.

If you have a new or little known webpage, this task could take a while to bear fruit, but patience is a virtue. Like with everything, be consistent and set specific, realistic objectives, measure your results and see what works and what can be improved. What are you waiting for? Go for it!