If your online travel agency is already up and running and you have all of your social networks configured, how about organising a competition? Because with a trip or a hotel stay as a prize and a good marketing strategy, an online draw can help your travel agency to:

  •  Increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter
  •  Raise awareness of your agency amongst the public in general
  •  Bring customers to your online travel agency
  •  Collect data about current and future customers
  •  Increase the number of followers on social media
  •  Get rid of product stock and offers that are about to end

So, if you want to know how to organise a competition on your online travel agency, carry on reading!

Steps for organising a competition on your online travel agency

Identify the objective that you want to achieve.

Be clear about what the objective of the competition on your online travel agency will be. It could be anything from increasing the traffic to your page, increasing your social network awareness or increasing sales.

Don’t forget that you will have to keep track of the competition whilst it is running and once it has finished measuring the success of your campaign. Some of the best tracking tools are Woobox or Gleam.

Choose the product that will work as a prize

It could be a trip, a stay in a hotel, a flight to any destination. Wherever possible make sure it is relevant and coherent with your brand. So, if you specialise in exotic holidays to Asia or Oceania, it doesn’t make sense that the prize for your online travel agency is a weekend in Benidorm.

Define the type of prize draw to use:

Take all the time you need to define the type of draw based upon the objectives you want to achieve. Some of the most common prize draws include:

  • Prize draws on social networks. Create an individual publication on your social media networks where you share the competition details. If you choose Instagram as the main platform, don’t forget to insert a link in the bio that is easy to share.
  • Purchase required to take part in the prize draw. Customers who purchase a product can register to win the prize. User details competition
  • Participants must send original content, such as photos or videos of them interacting with your product or brand to win a prize.

Promote your online travel agency’s competition

Spread the word as much as possible about your competition using the following channels:

  •  Your newsletter subscriber list
  •  Social media networks
  •  The home page of your online travel agency
  •  Your travel agency’s blog
  •  Other blogs you are associated with

Announcing the winner of your online travel agency’s competition

Once you have a winner, announce it publicly on social media networks or by email. It is the best way to manage expectations for your online travel agency’s next competition as it also validates the competition and improves brand image. What else could you ask for?