Brand positioning has now become an essential issue for customer loyalty. The idea that consumers have of our company is what is known as a brand. To carry out brand marketing well, we must define precisely what it is that we want to be known for. In other words, we have to understand very well what makes us different from the competition, what is our added value, what makes us unique.

Social media and branding

Once our brand is built, social media offers a great opportunity for creating sales, loyalty and reputation. More and more people are using social networks and so it’s now become essential for online travel agencies to maintain a presence on social media.

In order for our brand to succeed on social media, it is recommended that a preliminary study is carried out which will define the social networks in which we want to position ourselves, the audience we seek to capture and the actions of our competition in social networks. Following this research, conclusions are drawn and the plan for positing the brand on social media is drawn up.

Tips for positioning a brand on social media

These are some of the key tips that can help you with social media and brand positioning for your online travel agency:

Create original content. Highlighting and differentiating from the competition in the content that is shared on the networks is paramount.

Use the statistics provided by social networks to optimise your plan. This allows you to decide on the best time of day to publish content, the interests of your audience, etc.

Show the human side of your brand. Don’t focus solely on generating content for the purpose of selling or promoting the online travel agency.

– Never forget the possible problems associated with social media: crises of reputation. Always have a crisis management plan prepared for these types of situations; the way a brand reacts to problems says a lot about the company.

Focus on customer loyalty, not on just getting more followers. Participation is not always linked to the total number of followers but to the number of loyal followers.

Finally, it is helpful to bear in mind that to achieve positive results in your plan for brand positioning on social media, a detailed plan is required. You should also be aware of the changes that occur and be open to being a pioneer in new forms of social media. Anticipation is often the key to success.