As we have already mentioned in previous posts, having an up to date Instagram account with appealing photos can be a real boost for your online travel agency.


You will gain visibility for your business and you can promote your most interesting destinations whilst having the opportunity to make content go viral. Furthermore, with the new Instagram Shopping app, you can help customers make their booking directly through this social media network. Don’t believe us? Just carry on reading!


Selling holidays on Instagram has never been easier


It is impossible to say holidays without saying flights, hotels or any other type of service, and it is so easy to download the latest version of this social media app. When you do so, in the company profiles section, we can see that there is a button underneath the page description labelled as “Buy now”. 


When you click on it, we are directed to a product catalogue for your online travel agency. Bear in mind that you previously created this catalogue. It is identical to your usual Instagram gallery and is laid out like a photo grid. 

However, there is a difference. Each image doesn’t have to relate to one single product. Instagram Shopping allows online travel agencies the option of tagging several products under one image. To see the images on their own, all you have to do is click on the icon in the shopping basket which appears underneath each photograph. 



 When your customers click on any of your holiday, hotel or destination photos that they are interested in, a larger image will automatically open with the “Buy now” option included. To start the buying process, they need to click on this option and Instagram will redirect them to your online travel agency to finalise the purchase


 It is that quick and easy! So, what are you waiting for to download Instagram Shopping app for your online travel agency?