Bearing in mind that your travel agency is 100% online, help with the user experience for your clients? As much as you might have a brilliant product for sale, and some fantastic prices, if your potential buyers have problems finding their way around your website or making a final purchase, it is more likely than not that they will leave your page.
So, if you want to know how to improve the user experience for your online travel agency, read on!

Your website needs to be fast loading and easy to navigate.

In the digital world, speed is of the essence. If your web page takes ages to load, you have a problem, and it’s a big one. A lot of customers do not have the patience to wait until your webpage loads all of the information. And, truth be told, why would they want to wait if other online travel agencies manage to load their offering in less than 0.5 seconds?

To improve the loading speed of your travel agency, avoid uploading images with very high resolution or use an image compressor. Try to use image formats which are optimised for the web, such as GIF, JPEG or PNG. For a deep understanding of the ways to improve the speed of loading, make a note of this tool.

It’s not just speed that is important. It is also essential to help out at the point of navigation. Forget about inserting dozens of menus and submenus and hundreds of visual effects which only distract the user. Remember that what your customer is looking for is an appealing travel package, so the sooner they find it, the better.

Prioritise your product pages

Make sure your pages are the true stars of your travel agency so that your clients understand that your holidays are worth purchasing. Apply the following simple tips to achieve this:
1. Make sure the price is clear. If you offer various prices according to the departure date, focus on showing the lowest price by saying “from” before it.
2. Use several visual images for each tourist destination. Remember that holidays start with the eyes.
3. Give as much information as you can: departure dates, special conditions, tourist taxes and other services that are not included in the final price.
Add any additional information that you think adds value to the product. Some clients search for adults-only hotels, whereas others prefer pet-friendly destinations. Do not hesitate to add these types of detail on your product page.
4. Differentiate yourself from the competition by allowing your users to build their holiday. With the help of changeable packages, their expectations and preferences can be met.

Optimise your payment process

Once your customer has decided to book a holiday, a flight or a hotel, make sure that the steps they need to follow to finalise the booking are as fast and as simple as possible.

If you are concerned about improving the user experience for your online travel agency, it is here where you have to hit the nail on the head.
1. Include a simple and clear add to cart button
2. Avoid making the user register to finalise their purchase. Ask yourself if you have to fill something in a physical shop to be able to buy something? Well, if not, why have a form online then?
3. Make sure the Pay now button is always visible
4. Clearly, show all of the products in the basket and the final price.

Pay attention to your After-Sales service

The relationship with the customer doesn’t end here, and even less so at the end of the purchase. An after-sales service is one of the best ways to improve the user’s experience of your online travel agency.

The value of a happy customer is immeasurable because as well as becoming a returning customer, it is also possible that they become the best ambassador for your brand.
Equally, you should never leave a customer unhappy, because an angry customer can start a war against your online travel agency. If you receive any type of complaint, respond to it as quickly as possible and always offer a solution. Just because a client has a bad experience doesn’t mean that the same will happen in the future.
Remember that you, more than anyone, know how to improve the users’ experience on your online travel agency.