For the vast majority of businesses, Christmas is one of the seasons with the highest sales volume. But if you don’t want your volume to deflate over the next few months, pay attention to these online marketing techniques for travel agencies that will help boost your business sales. Let’s begin.

Be clear about the most relevant dates for your business

In the tourism sector, seasonality is a fundamental factor to consider. Therefore, we recommend that you have identified the period of the last year with the most sales days. So you can plan ahead for a calendar of future actions. And in addition, you can capitalise on your efforts and online marketing techniques.

Learn how to develop your mailing list

When preparing a list of emails for your online travel agency, you will find it difficult to get prospects that have not previously registered as customers. Therefore, a simple way to get new customers is to offer some type of discount on your trips, flights or hotel reservations in exchange for sharing their email account. It is one of the best online marketing techniques for travel agencies with which to develop a future email marketing campaign.

Create a calendar for your email campaigns

Once you have a mailing list of adequate size, you will have to make the most of it, right? Well, creating a calendar to send promotional emails is an online marketing technique for travel agencies that you should not ignore. Select the best dates to send the emails. Strive to be as creative as possible when designing promotions and coupons. And do not forget to be original in the subject of the email! In this way, you will be able to increase the opening rate of those emails that you have taken so much trouble to prepare and you will ensure that they do not end up going straight in the trash.

Get positive reviews from your customers

Be clear that online travel agencies that have positive reviews on platforms such as Google My Business, for example, are more likely to increase their conversion rate. This online marketing technique for travel agencies is easy and cheap to implement. And this will increase the credibility of your brand!