In a world as competitive as that of travel agencies, SEM plays an important role. Paid campaigns on search engines not only give you data on sales of products or services or qualified traffic but also allow you to see that of your main competitors. Whether you are an established agency or recently created, search engines will give you the same opportunities as your competition. From the first moment, you will compete with them for sales and rankings. That is why it is very important to know how to optimise SEM campaigns, to achieve maximum benefits and objectives.

Google AdWords, the PPC tool par excellence

Although depending on the search engine in which you want to position yourself there are different tools for this, the most popular is Google AdWords. The fact that Google is the default search engine for a large number of users is undoubtedly the main reason why Google AdWords is the quintessential PPC tool. Besides, the work done on this platform can be exported to others such as Bing Ads, so that its use is most advantageous.

Our campaigns will consist of ad groups. If these are well implemented, they will be able to attract quality traffic to our travel agency that will be converted into sales of our products and services.

Steps to follow before creating an SEM campaign

Before embarking on the world of SEM and even creating your Google AdWords account, you should consider the following issues:

Make sure your website is well designed and user-friendly. There is no point in attracting traffic to your website if basic issues such as usability fail. If the user finds it difficult to make the purchase or find what they are looking for, they will leave. Before creating campaigns, make sure your website is ready.

Be clear about your goal before starting to create your campaign. In SEM, as in everything, it is important to know where you want to end up to know which direction to take. Each campaign can have different objectives, it depends on where your online business is at the moment. It is not the same as optimising your campaign to get branding, visibility and brand image to get subscribers or to win sales. Do not spread yourself too thinly because your campaign will be too diffuse. Focus on one goal per campaign and optimise and segment based on that goal.

Understand the platform well before creating a campaign. Google AdWords allows you to create different types of ads: ads for the search network, ads for the Display Network, Shopping ads … And each of these types of ads has different characteristics. Before embarking on the SEM adventure, study the basic elements of the tool well.

How to optimise SEM campaigns

While creating SEM campaigns is a vital strategy for your online travel agency, you have to know how to manage Google AdWords very well to achieve good results and not lose money. To do this, here are some tips to optimise SEM campaigns:

Do not neglect segmentation: the key to a good campaign is often to know how to segment properly. For this, it is important that you know the audience you are addressing well and reach it through segmentation. Sometimes it is better to segment than try to cover everything. You should focus on your target audience, as this will be people who are interested in your products and will buy them.

Analyse and measure constantly. It is normal that at first, you will not be setting the most accurate parameters. However, once you get results you can analyse the data and correct the bids to achieve the highest profitability in your SEM campaigns. Never stop analysing and measuring results. This is the key to optimising correctly because it allows you to detect faults and learn from them.

Stand out from the rest: for your ad to be the one that gets the click you must optimise the text well, with striking words that can capture the attention of users. Include calls to action in your ads or a differential value that prompts you to click on them.