Choosing the name of your online travel agency, and getting it right, is the first step to achieving success in your business. Therefore, devoting the necessary time to the beginning of our business adventure is the best way to avoid future mistakes. But how to choose the perfect name for our travel agency? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

The name of your agency must be unique

Before deciding on a name, make sure it has not been previously registered by another company. To start, you can do a quick check on Google and see if any use is currently being made of the name in which you are interested. But to be completely sure, it is best to make an inquiry at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

Short and easy to pronounce

It is already proven that short name brands succeed in the world. Examples: there are a few: Zara, IBM, Apple, Ikea …

If you also choose the name of your online travel agency based on your target audience, you will be safe. Because if your potential clients are Spanish, why would you use words in other languages that are impossible to pronounce? And if you don’t believe me, tell me, how do you pronounce “Schweppes”?


The name of your company has to “say something” and be attractive to your future clientele. Maybe your life’s ambition is to put your name to your own business. But you recognise that “Viajes Manuel” or “Excursiones Cristina” does not give the idea of wanting to travel to the Caribbean. Although of course, they are both beautiful names.

Easy to remember

This is common sense. The more direct the name of your company is, the easier it will be to remember for the vast majority. And if it is also related to the product you sell better than better. Take as an example the brands of Nescafé, MasterCard, Facebook or Microsoft.


Do not choose the name of your business based on a specific event, no matter how relevant it was at any given time. Doing so and having to change the name after a while would be a serious mistake at all levels: brand, marketing, SEO …

It’s probable that with these guidelines you have already discarded some names from your first list, but you may need to continue refining it.

Avoid using apostrophes associated with a typical “Manolo’s Bar” brand. We think it’s a bit dated.

If you have decided on a compound name, you can choose to use the “&” symbol as many other brands do. Vitorio & Lucchino, Johnson & Johnson or Procter & Gamble.

Avoid acronyms impossible or difficult to pronounce. We already have enough of these with M & M’s (Mars & Murrie’s) or Swatch (Swiss Watch).

If you are thinking of combining two or more words to create a unique denomination, try the Dot-o-mator tool. You can combine the terms you need automatically and check whether or not the result is already a registered domain.

As you can see, it’s never been so easy to decide on the name of your online travel agency. Which one are you going to choose?