Today, more than 50% of users reach websites through mobile devices rather than from a computer. Google, in its eagerness to provide the best service to its users, has in recent years been taking this into account and has made updates that favour websites adapted to mobile phones and tablets with good user experience data. This is the case with its 2018 algorithm, known as the Mobile-First Index.

The mobile version of our travel website is very important, but sometimes we make the mistake of ignoring it and in this way, we are closing the door to many potential customers and therefore to many sales. So that none of this happens to you we have created this post where we tell you how to improve the mobile SEO of your online travel agency. Continue reading and find out all the keys to success.


Implement a responsive design

To start improving our mobile SEO, it is essential that the web design of our online travel agency is responsive, that is, that it adapts to all devices. In this way, we get the website to look right regardless of the size of the screen from which it is accessed and we improve the user experience.

improve mobile seo

Make navigation easy

Google will always reward websites where users can easily navigate and quickly find what they are looking for. Therefore, it is important to have a good web design, always bearing in mind that browsing the page is as optimised as possible. Try to enter your website with new eyes and discover if it is really easy to find what you want or otherwise, you should tweak your design to improve user navigation and hence your SEO.

Pay attention to your loading speed

Loading speed is another key aspect to improve the mobile SEO of your online travel agency. Users seek immediacy and if your website is very slow and does not give a quick result you run the risk of customers leaving before without seeing your products. Google again places a lot of importance on this and that is why in 2015 it launched AMP, which means Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an HTML code that makes websites load faster from mobile devices. If you have not yet implemented it on your travel website, get to work.

To measure your loading speed and see if you have a good score in the eyes of the search engine, you can use the free tool known as PageSpeed Insights. This tool will not only tell you if you have a good or bad loading speed but also how you can improve it. A tip that is always useful to avoid increasing the loading time of our online business is to optimise the images we use so that they are not overly large.


Upload a sitemap for your mobile version

Just as we can upload a sitemap of the computer version to Google Search Console, it is also possible to upload a sitemap of our mobile version. In this way, Google will index the mobile device version of our pages before and we have more possibilities to improve the mobile SEO of our online travel agency.

We hope that you have found this post useful. If you are interested in finding out more about these topics, you may also be interested in reading about how to improve the indexing of your online travel agency and about new SEO trends.