Long before the beginning of the year, web design trends for 2020 were already starting to appear, trends that designers and developers were already well aware of and for good reason.

The landscape of the web is governed by high competitiveness and it requires adapting and maintaining the image of your online travel agency to not be left behind. These are some of the design trends that you should follow to stay relevant in 2020.

Design trends in 2020 for travel agency websites

As for the new developments, we’ll see in 2020, we must first differentiate between the trends that will affect e-commerce and those that will affect the design, which is known as trends in Responsive Design.

However, all these new features brought to the world of online travel agencies can be summarized in a series of recommendations for developers of this type of site to take into account.

Striking colours and the simplest designs

If there is one thing that will define web designs in 2020, it’s colour. The focus here is on strong, bold colours while also simplifying the design. These are somewhat competing themes, but they can provide spectacular results.

The brightest colours are those that attract the most attention. New generations interpret this type of colour with innovation: an element that is currently in fashion. The days of eccentricity in design have passed and in their place are a focus on minimalism and simplicity created with bright colours. This also works incredibly well with in-plane switching (IPS) that is featured in many modern mobile devices.

Animations and integrated GIFs

GIFs and animations are an integral part of current and future web design, even for travel agencies. Not utilizing these trends means missing out on the opportunity to modernize your website. Some ways to incorporate these into your site are by including:

  • Effects on page transitions
  • Mobile animations
  • Moving graphics or GIFS

No more order in the design. Asymmetry is here to stay

While some believe that the key to a good website is balance, the reality is that in striving for perfect order we end up with grid designs that we’re all too familiar with. It’s time to give way to asymmetrical designs that can, surprisingly, provide the sense of balance that we’re looking for.

To achieve this goal, developers of travel agencies’ websites will have to ensure that the weight of the parts that make up a page is similar. That there are no “heavier” parts, so to speak. Regarding asymmetries, images play a special role. The balance of the text, the size of the image and the rest of the elements are what balances this asymmetric trend in web design.

This novelty is extremely important. It opens up the possibilities of web design for companies, and travel agencies in particular, in a landscape where design has no more boundaries than imagination. It allows developers and designers to create attractive visuals that excite the user while also engaging them.

Finally, and within this framework of trends in design for 2020 of which to be aware, you’ll also see typographies increase in size and personalization. This will be the year in which modernity and the avant-garde will dominate the world of web design.