To carry out a good SEO strategy it is essential to use an app that helps us with the search and choice of keywords, the measurement of results and the detection of errors. There are many SEO tool options for an online travel agency, but which are the best? Here are those that every professional should learn about:

Google SEO tools for your online travel agency

To use a good SEO tool you don’t need to spend a single euro. Although the paid tool options are usually more complete, the free resources offered by Google can be very helpful for the creation of your agency’s marketing plan. The most important are the following:

Google Search Console

A vital tool for any Webmaster. With it, you can obtain data on the indexing status of your website, your visibility and the CTR in the different devices and keywords by which search engines find you. It is highly recommended to know if you have optimally configured two files of great importance for positioning: the robot.txt file and the sitemap. Besides, it notifies you of errors to correct such as duplicate content, crawl errors or pages with the dreaded error 404. And if that is not enough, you also receive notifications of manual penalties. For all this and more this SEO tool for your online travel agency is not to be missed.

Although it is the tool par excellence for SEM campaigns, it has a section that is also very useful for keywords, the Keyword Planner. With it, you can find keywords related to your sector, new terms and data on your search volume and competition. In this sense, it is widely used to obtain new ideas with which to develop the content plan of a marketing strategy.

Google Analytics

This Google tool allows you to measure results and analyse traffic and conversion. Creating a Google Analytics account is completely free and the reports that you can obtain from it will let you know if you are getting your marketing actions right or not and the areas for improvement. You will be able to know the origin of your traffic, the average time that users spend on the web, their geographical origin, the most visited pages and much more.

SEO paid tools for your online travel agency

On the other hand, if you want to take your strategy to another level, you may want to use paid SEO tools for an online travel agency. If so, you may be interested in some of the options that we show you below:


Sistrix allows you to perform a deep analysis of the ranking of your online travel agency. The highlights that make it special are that it shows you the visibility you have in search engines regarding your competition, detects errors and lets you know the position in which you appear for certain keywords every week.


Hyperlinks that link to your page are very important for Google. They can take you to the highest-ranking but also the lowest if you are penalised. To help you avoid being penalised or to get out of a penalty already imposed, this tool is vital. It stands out for its link profile analysis, which can be very useful to detect the most damaging links and be able to properly perform the cleaning process. It is also highly recommended to study and compare the competition’s link strategy. Its free version allows each user to make 15 queries a day.

Screaming Frog

If you need to implement on-page actions on your website there is nothing better than Screaming Frog. You can download it to your computer and start to identify the details to improve by downloading their reports. It shows data ranging from duplicate content and 404 errors to the number of tags and their status. Also, it analyses the robots.txt file and shows relevant information about image optimisation. In short: everything you need to be able to carry out a good technical SEO audit. This SEO tool for your online travel agency has a free version that analyses up to 500 pages.