As you may already know, social networks are very important for the brand positioning of your agency. Although Instagram has become the king of social networks in recent years, there are others, such as Facebook, which is still very important. Therefore, if you want to succeed with your online marketing strategy, you cannot afford to ignore this social network.

To grow on Facebook, the advertising resources offered by this social network have become essential. To convince you further, we will tell you the main reasons to use Facebook Ads in your online travel agency. Do not stop reading and find out everything now!

Inexpensive advertising

Compared to other Internet advertising platforms, Facebook Ads allows you to reach many users, even if you’re on a tight budget. It also allows you to define the maximum budget you have per day or per campaign so no need to go overboard. This also gives you peace of mind and allows you to test out the strategy without spending much money until you’re ready to launch bigger campaigns.

You can advertise at the same time on other channels

With Facebook Ads, you can create campaigns not only for Facebook but also for Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Audience Network. Audience is an advertising network that allows your ads to appear on websites that are viewed from mobile devices and apps.

Ads are well-received by algorithm

As you may already be aware, the changes in the Facebook algorithm have made people’s posts much more important than pages. However, if you use Facebook Ads this will not affect you and your post will have adequate visibility.


Unlike other more complex advertising platforms, Facebook Ads is very intuitive and easy to use. Through the Facebook ad manager, you can create your ads even if you don’t have an extensive technical knowledge about the tool.

Real-time tracking

Another reason to use Facebook Ads is that if you do not have an extensive knowledge of the tool, in addition to being able to test it out on a small budget, you can follow the campaigns live. This means if any of your ads aren’t working effectively, you can change them quickly.

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