Pin this phrase up in a visible place: “Email marketing for online travel agencies is one of the most valuable techniques to achieve effective communication with our potential customers and thus increase our conversion rate.” Every newsletter that is sent increases the chances of selling a trip to the Caribbean, a flight to Paris or a hotel in Benidorm.

Therefore, the rate at which your emails are opened must be as high as possible. The more people are aware of the offers of your online travel agency, the more possibilities there are for the purchase to take place.

But even more relevant than the opening rate is the click rate that takes place in the links inserted in the email. But we will come to this later.

It is important to keep in mind that the average opening rate in email marketing for online travel agencies is around 20%, although the seasonality of the tourism sector must always be considered. So if you want your email marketing strategy for online travel agencies to catapult you to the Olympic heights of sales, take note of these three factors.

Design of email marketing for online travel agencies

The simpler the design of your email the better. Choose to focus on corporate colours, highlight the name of your online travel agency and your logo. And if you need a template, an email marketing service provider can be of assistance. One of the most popular is MailChimp.


As for the information that your email marketing will collect for online travel agencies, focus on the offer you want to highlight at that time. No need to drive your customers crazy with all your products and services. You can prepare an exclusive mail for hotels on offer, another one that only includes honeymoon trips or when Christmas arrives, a special email focused on ski trips.

It is all about creating a simple and stylish email that persuades the potential buyer to click on the links and thus reach our online travel agency.

The subject matter

If there is something fundamental in the world of email marketing for online travel agencies, this is the subject of our email. And, this is the factor that will determine the percentage of our opening rate. Therefore, try to avoid generic topics, writing everything in capital letters or using an excess of punctuation marks such as exclamations or question marks.

Be careful also with the words discount, offer, super opportunity etc since their indiscriminate use can be considered as advertising or spam. And therefore your email will end up in the trash.

Include the name of the recipient in the title.

Try to have a title of between 30 and 60 characters. And do not hesitate to use certain words that promote the curiosity of your reader, such as “the secret to”, “the keys you need to …”, “how to do …” You will encourage your potential customers to open the mail and continue reading.

Test and measure: the key to optimising email marketing for online travel agencies

Once you have prepared your email, you will also have to consider the hours and days of publication, since this is the third factor to take into account to achieve an acceptable opening rate.

But do not worry. Email marketing service providers are more than prepared to control the variables to be measured. Graphics allow you to see the openings, clicks, opening times, rejected emails or users who have unsubscribed from the subscription lists.

In this way, you can adjust your times for marketing emails so as to send them at the most advantageous times. Keep in mind, that as a general rule, Monday and Friday are usually the days with the lowest opening rate.

As you can see, email marketing for online travel agencies is not as complicated as it may first seem. What are you waiting for to apply it?