In the digital world, online travel agencies embark on new concepts where challenges and continuous innovation are the order of the day. To address these challenges and achieve success, it is essential to learn how to create a marketing plan. But what is a marketing plan? It is none other than a document in which the objectives of the company are listed and the actions to be followed are developed in order to reach the desired goals.

The 5 stages of a marketing plan

The following are the steps to follow for all marketing plans:

1- The company’s current situation. The situation of the company must be described both internally and externally. In these cases it would be best to use a SWOT analysis, which clearly and concisely shows the strengths and weaknesses of the company both internally and externally.

2- Analysis of the situation and conclusions. To know where you have to go first it is necessary to analyse what position you are in and what your advantages and disadvantages are.

3- Set the goals of the online travel agency. Based on the data obtained, the goals to be pursued can then be determined. These can include customer acquisition, the brand, customer loyalty, sales growth, reputation, etc. These goals must be measurable to facilitate further analysis.

4- Definition of the strategy and its actions. To achieve the company’s goals, it is essential to follow a strategy, which is specified in the action plan.

5- Monitoring the marketing plan. Keeping track allows us to adjust the marketing plan according to what works and what doesn’t. It is recommended for these reviews to be carried out periodically and measure the results of your actions on a regular basis.

Why is the marketing plan important for online travel agencies?

Today, it is essential to know how to create a marketing plan to achieve the goals of the company and make them realistic and measurable. This helps you have better control and as a result, it will lead to subsequent improvement of the plan and strategy. In addition, you will easily be able to detect errors. The marketing plan is, in short, a follow-up guide to deal with the challenges of the agency and achieve the set objectives. It is certainly the best roadmap to success.