The Importance of Technical SEO for Your Travel Website

By - 23rd January 2020

In previous posts, we talked about SEO for travel agencies and explained its relevance to make you visible in the digital universe. There are many parts of SEO that you can develop to climb positions in major search engines, but today we want to talk about the importance of technical SEO for your travel website. Don’t forget to read and…


How to improve conversion rates for your travel agency

By - 21st January 2020

The term “conversion” is widely used in the online world. It refers to the point at which a user performs the action your marketing strategy is designed to achieve. For example, buy a particular product, download a file, subscribe to our newsletter or fill out a form. In any online travel agency, conversion is the primary objective, and the vast…

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Reasons to use Facebook Ads in your online travel agency

By - 16th January 2020

As you may already know, social networks are very important for the brand positioning of your agency. Although Instagram has become the king of social networks in recent years, there are others, such as Facebook, which is still very important. Therefore, if you want to succeed with your online marketing strategy, you cannot afford to ignore this social network. To…

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Influencer marketing: Tips and advantages

By - 9th January 2020

We can obtain all kinds of information through social networks. Some people have taken advantage of the boom in social media by talking about their favourite topics or showing pictures of what they like the most – and they’ve become famous because of it! We are, of course, talking about influencers, who can be of great help when it comes…

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Tips to optimize SEM campaigns

By - 7th January 2020

In a world as competitive as that of travel agencies, SEM plays an important role. Paid campaigns on search engines not only give you data on sales of products or services or qualified traffic but also allow you to see that of your main competitors. Whether you are an established agency or recently created, search engines will give you the…