SEO tools for your online travel agency

By - 19th December 2019

To carry out a good SEO strategy it is essential to use an app that helps us with the search and choice of keywords, the measurement of results and the detection of errors. There are many SEO tool options for an online travel agency, but which are the best? Here are those that every professional should learn about: Google SEO…

Taxation and legal aspects

SSL certificate for travel agencies

By - 17th December 2019

Our online travel agency has to offer its users every guarantee and therefore it is essential to install the SSL certificate. The importance of this certificate has been heard about for some time here. However, it is in recent months that it has been the most widely talked about and it has been shown that Google gives priority to the…

Social Media

Social media management tools for your online travel agency

By - 12th December 2019

The social media and communication strategy is a fundamental part of any marketing plan. To achieve the objectives set out in the social network strategy for an online travel agency, some key tools can be of great help, both for the planning of publications as well as measuring and analysing the results. Depending on the project you are doing or…

Business Tips

WhatsApp Business for online travel agencies

By - 10th December 2019

The success of the WhatsApp messaging app worldwide has been unquestionable. The vast majority of people with internet access use this mobile app to communicate on a day-to-day basis. Until now, the use had been mostly personal and every day but more recently, WhatsApp has wanted to create a space for professionals and companies that want to communicate with their…

Social Media

Instagram Shopping for online travel agencies

By - 5th December 2019

As we have already mentioned in previous posts, having an up to date Instagram account with appealing photos can be a real boost for your online travel agency.   You will gain visibility for your business and you can promote your most interesting destinations whilst having the opportunity to make content go viral. Furthermore, with the new Instagram Shopping app,…

Social Media

How to organise a competition on your online travel agency

By - 3rd December 2019

If your online travel agency is already up and running and you have all of your social networks configured, how about organising a competition? Because with a trip or a hotel stay as a prize and a good marketing strategy, an online draw can help your travel agency to:  Increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter  Raise awareness of…


After-sales communication for online travel agencies

By - 28th November 2019

After-sales communication is a fundamental step in the buying process which will keep you in touch with your face to face customers for future transactions. Bear in mind that gaining a new customer can cost up to five times as much as keeping existing ones. So, don’t forget about after-sales communication for online travel agencies. Read on for some of…